St Mel's Cathedral

Since its construction between 1840 and 1856, St Mel’s Cathedral has been a focal point in the landscape of Longford and in the lives of the community. But on Christmas Day 2009 a fire devastated St Mel’s Cathedral. The blaze tore through the building, leaving little within but destruction.

Thankfully, it transpired that some aspects of the cathedral were able to be rescued, such as statutes and artefacts, and St Mel's Cathedral reopened on Christmas Eve in 2014. Most incredibly, it proved possible to restore the two most prestigious stained glass windows, which had been originally designed by the acclaimed Harry Clarke Studios in 1931.

And there was further hope for St Mel’s Cathedral as a €30 million restoration project enabled the Cathedral to rise again, more magnificent than before. The fortunately-saved features were then resettled with the new designed aspects. The restored Cathedral includes a Carrara marble altar sculpted by Tom Glendon, a silver tabernacle created by Imogen Stuart and Vicki Donovan, a pipe organ crafted by Fratelli Ruffatti, and stained glass windows designed by Kim en Joong.